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We listen to your needs and requirements in the fields of industrial precision mechanics and microelectronics.


We advise you as to the best-performing solutions on the market and those best adapted to your industrial project.


French sales force of the best international brands, we accompany you at all stages of your project, from design to after-sales service.


Serving businesses

ABAC International is the French business power for foreign companies specialized in industrial precision mechanics and microelectronics. As such we provide our French and French-speaking customers with access to these high value-added solutions.


Our expertise

Industrial Precision Mechanics

We offer industrial precision mechanic systems with great reliability for those industries which are the most demanding in terms of performance, lifespan and technical rigour.


We offer state-of-the-art high-technology solutions to respond to your specific needs in extreme areas.

Online process

We offer state-of-the-art high-technology solutions to respond to your specific needs in extreme areas.

Our service

A global accompaniment

We offer our clients a global service which combines high standards and quality in professional relationships all through the commercial process and in product support.


ABAC International

Why choose us?

Find the best technical solution

Our technical knowledge, linked to a complete study of your expectations, allows us to propose better solutions, always respecting your design specification.

Win time

We will win you time in your business dealings thanks to favoured, long-established partnerships with suppliers, dealing with them in their mother tongue.

Simplifiy your supplier relationship

We provide French support for the best European brands. We simplify and faciltate your relationship with suppliers from the beginning of your project up to its completion.

Guarantee the best relationship between quality and price

Your will enter into direct contracts with the suppliers. Our commerical role is financed by major brands who guarantee you the best ratio quality/price.


A rigorous selection

ABAC International gives particular attention to its selection of commercial partners and proposed solutions.

Exceptional technological solutions

Our engineering teams develop extraordinary bespoke solutions, offering you the chance to modernize your industrial equipment and preserve your competitive advantage.

Cutting-edge production sites

Using cutting-edge technology, our factories allow you to benefit from solutions recognized throughout the world for their reliability.

Strenghtened quality controls

All our factories carry out tight controls to guarantee you the best products.

They trust us

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Specific needs in industrial precision mechanics or microelectronics?

We have solutions for each of your needs.