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Break/clutch combination

The fruit of many years of development, the DESCH clutch/break combinations are compact, robust and able to perfectly replace other brands’ benchmarks.

Clamping press tools

For 40 years, OPTIMA has numbered amongst the world’s best clamping press tool manfacturers. It offers a number of tool technologies for clamping elements (mechanical, hydraulic or electromechanic) and always at best price.

Supraton ®️

The SUPRATON machines allow, thanks to BWS long experience of industrial processes and the quality of material chosen for the tooling, a homogenous allocation of mixed elements for homogenization, emulsion, dispersion, wet grinding and dissolution processes. This technology allows the production of base elements for sensitive applications in public road works, chemistry, cosmetics or in the food sector.

Spur gears or planetary gears

Always at the cutting edge of technology, DESCH offers robust planetary braking and gear reducers. The dynamic balancing process of its parts and its precise manufacture enables high rotor speeds.


Globally-recognized transmission expert, DESCH offers you custom crankshafts that are perfectly adapted to your needs.

REVOX drives
Driving system for mobile crushers

Are you seeking a resistant breaking system for your mobile shredders, one which is compact and respectful of the environment ? DESCH offers you REVOX, a special study to satisfy your most demanding requests.

SERVOX – Servo transmission and planetary gearing

With SERVOX, DESCH and its R&D team offer a unique concept for transmitting significant power torques. Its reduced size is adapted to difficult environments and offers the perfect solution for your specific industrial applications.


Vertical and horizontal inline spindles for new and retrofitted machine tools

You want what’s best for your production tools. For this reason DESCH has designed inline spindles for horizontal and vertical applications. This is certainly the best tool drive for both standard and special machine-tools and for restoring existing machines.


A European specialist for special pulleys with SPA, SPB, SPC, SPZ profiles, M sections, as well as for taper-bushes, DESCH accompanies you through all your power transmission projects, from the simplest to the most complex.


Our complementary solutions

We can combine multiple solutions to offer a complete response to your needs.


Specific needs in industrial precision mechanics ?

We have solutions for each of your needs.