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Organic or ceramic, single or multilayer, our substrates allow for 3D integration and bring new functions to your MCMs by adding numerous I/O connections and reducing their dimensions These substrates are particularly suitable for harsh conditions such as extreme industrial, medical, aeronautic and spatial environments.

Microelectronic assembly

Available assembly technologies: SMD, chip on board, flip-chip, wire bonding, electric tests, RF applications … All technologies are combined in one centre of production. This guarantees high quality for annual series from 50 up to 50 000 modules, as per market requirements.


With 3D packaging technologies: SiP, BGA, LGA, SDBGA, QFN, Transfer moulding all under one roof, MSE makes use of medical certification DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 and standard ISO 9001:2015 which ensures the production is traceable across all steps to guarantee the high reliability of the delivered modules.

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